Advice from Tomatoface


I repeat.


It took ruthless hours of editing and tweaking (I may or may not be exaggerating) but it’s finally done and I’m pretty ecstatic about it. Feel free to check it out!

So let me give you guys a little bit of advice: no matter what the season, always bring sunscreen.

I should have learned this by now. I’m pretty Irish and have always known the familiar tang of sun burnt skin. But I continuously forget and here I am, face red as a tomato, the funniest t-shirt tan I’ve ever gotten, blogging about it at 8 am because I couldn’t get comfortable enough to stay asleep.

I guess I just got a little too excited that it was warm out. Yesterday was 73 F here, today it’s supposed to be in the 80s! There’s not a chance I’ll be inside much today. I’m staying at school for the next few days for RA (resident assistant) training, but training doesn’t start until tomorrow. Today I’m as free as a bird. Day one not having any aloe for my burns, day two of not having any sunscreen.

And I still plan to be outside. When will the lesson ever be learned?


List Satisfaction

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a┬áList.”

How often do you get the opportunity to make a random list? I’m jumping on this opportunity.

Since I’m slightly obsessed with my cat, I’m going to make a list revolving around him. This list will be called:

Things Paxton Does Only While I’m Trying To Do Homework

  • Swing from my string lights
  • Pull down my tapestries
  • Try on all of my clothes
  • Race against invisible enemies
  • Learn how to feed himself
  • Run his own business underneath my bed
  • Summon the winged creatures on the other side of the window
  • Climb every and all furniture
  • Redecorate
  • Find out what’s really behind my tapestries
  • Wall-climbing
  • Leg climbing
  • Attempt control over the laptop
  • Try on all of my shoes
  • Untie all of my shoes

And last, but most certainly not least,

  • Attempt to have the most engaging conversations with me

And this is only today, at 8:30AM. The list will probably never end, but it’s only when I try to be productive. As soon as another person walks in the room he turns into the laziest little thing. I wonder what goes through his little brain sometimes.

The weather’s down, but I’m not

I can’t help but smile today, and the weather is rainy and gross.

Today is the LAST DAY, I repeat, LAST DAY of my sophomore year of classes. There are only two classes between me and, technically my shift at work but, finals week! I think I might be the only college student excited for finals week.

I have a French test and a PR test during my finals week, as well as finishing up my creative writing portfolio. That’s it. Besides work, I don’t have too much going on. Which, in turn, means EDITING.

Over the past week or so I’ve slowly begun compiling all my audio and footage together from HFC. I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out. But, because tis the season of finals, I haven’t had too much time to start putting it all together. Last night, after I submitted two final papers, I decided to take a break from the homework and edit a little.

I found a royalty-free song online that fits SO well with the piece, and I started putting the puzzle pieces together. If I remember correctly I think I’m only about 30 seconds in at this point, but it’s starting to come together and I couldn’t possibly be anymore excited.

Well, except for a potential new love interest that recently strolled into my life. That may have something to do with the smile on my face today.

Room with a View

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Early Bird.”

Early Bird, a title I hold proudly. Ever since this past summer I’ve always been a fan of waking up early. There’s something relaxing about getting up with the sun and getting things done before some people are even awake. I enjoy it. Since coming back to college after the winter break with a kitten, even on days I want to be a late riser I am still an early bird. I don’t have a choice in the matter.

The photos below are ones I’ve taken this semester. My room has a beautiful view of Lake Champlain, giving me endless opportunities for pictures. The pink one is one I took as the sun was rising one morning, the orange one is the same exact angle but as the sun was setting. The year is coming to a close and I’m actually kind of sad to be giving up my room with a view, but I’m glad I’ll always have these pictures to remember.

IMG_0270 IMG_0279

Tis The Season


It’s like an ominous countdown looming over my shoulders at all times. But thankfully my finals week isn’t as bad as my pre-finals week.

I had my last web design class today, and I submitted all my final files before I left which means… drum roll… I’M DONE WITH CODING FOREVER.

Or at least in my foreseeable forever. I am so happy. But now there’s so much else to be done.

I came back from lunch knowing I would have a busy day. Lots of assignments still need to be completed and studying needs to be done… but I’m just so happy.

The one class I was most anxious to finish is finally done. I need to celebrate.

So I’ve been spending the past two hours watching Netflix and snacking my life away.

Tis the season of finals, am I right?

Are You Real?

This semester I’m in a class called Social Interaction in the Digital Age, it’s super interesting!

Besides watching viral videos and YouTube/Vine compilations, we discuss a lot of communication theories and the basis behind virality. For our final paper we have to touch on a specific theory and how it relates to computer mediated communication. I’m choosing the social presence theory.

Basically, this theory touches upon the state of being “there”, “real”, or “present” in communication usually between two individuals through a computer medium. I think this theory is super interesting with the increase of technology use becoming deceptive. We can be so sure of someone’s true presence in a conversation…but are we really sure of who we’re talking to?

Comment if you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear about other experiences with this sort of topic!

Rainy Days

I wish it would stop raining, it’s really making crunch time hard.

The amount of work that needs to be completed this week is insane, I can’t even fathom it at the moment. But when I turn and look outside my window and see a gray, gloomy, rainy day, all I want to do is curl up in bed and watch movies. And snuggle. But I can’t do that because I have so much work to do. It’s a vicious cycle.

I also haven’t been able to do much editing on Her Favorite Color. I’ve put all the audio together and some of the video, but every time I sit down to edit I feel overwhelmingly guilty. It’s awful! I can’t wait until hell week is done, I’m ready to take a month long nap.

The Adventure of Discovery