My cat won’t stop jumping on my bed

Greetings, earthlings!

Just wanted to say good morning, happy Thursday, bon matin, and I hope you all had a lovely night!

I, for one, had a very pleasant evening. Sunday, shoot day, we were able to get everything shot and be done in one day, which was awesome! Until I loaded the footage later that night onto my computer to find that the last scene was blown out and out of focus. But we had a very long day so definitely an innocent mistake!

Anyways, last night we were able to shoot that last scene and everything looked so great – and today the sun is shining and there’s a high of 60 degrees and even though my cat is being the most annoying creature on the planet, I’m having a great morning!

So anyways, just thought I’d share that with you and I’m still on the way of getting my blog number count up to where it’s supposed to be by the end of the week so this is the first of many today. Thank you all for not getting too annoyed with me!


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