Her Favorite Color – basics

Prepare for a bunch of blog posts in a very short period of time. I’ve been meaning to blog throughout this semester but alas, I’ve fallen behind and I have some catching up to do. So you’ll be seeing numerous posts in the near future.

So in my previous post I mentioned the short film I’m beginning to work on. So I figured since it’s only it’s way to completion I’d share a bit of information about it. The previous post was the piece the film is based on, and the next will be some stills from shoot. This post is the basics about the film and how I’m setting it up.

The entire piece is set in three different time frames:
Recent Past

The story, if you haven’t gathered from the previous post, is about a relationship that was fine until one person had to leave six hours away. The distance ruined the relationship and created a lot of harsh feelings between the two.

The past is when the two were together and happy, for the most part. The video will probably be in black and white. The recent past is when they reached a breaking point after being separated for some time. This scene is a phone call and will probably be desaturated. The present is, well, the present. The main character stumbles upon an old picture and decides it’s time to put everything from her ex away. The video will be normal color. The entire video’s audio, given the exception of the phone call, is being read as a voice over throughout the video. The VO is the thoughts from the present.

If any of that made sense then SWEET. If not, the video will be out soon and it’ll make sense then. (:


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