Mohawk Beanies

Cue Pharrell’s “Happy”

But actually, because at this moment I am so, crazy happy.

Actually I have been all day… it’s been one of those days that’s left me sitting in my room blogging with my window open in the middle of March.

I woke up this morning to it being above 20 at 7am. Sure, tomorrow will probably get cold all over again but today I was basking in the promise of warm weather just ahead. I had a good hair day (important factor, seriously), I rocked my French test, impressed my PR professor with my tiny handwriting and teamwork skills (it would take more of an effort than it’s worth to explain), chatted internships with my advisor, and spent some time with some lovely people. Oh and cupcakes. There were cupcakes in the cafe tonight.

This is going to sound really weird. But when I was sitting outside my advisor’s office waiting for her to finish up a meeting, I made eye contact with a guy down the hall. Usually my first instinct is to look down and give an awkward, small smile, dismissing any type of communication. But for some reason I just wanted to say “Hey, I really like your hat.” He was wearing one of those mohawk beanies with the strings and it was over 40 degrees, but who am I to judge? He was rocking the hat and I just wanted to let him know. Unfortunately at that very moment he was called in by his advisor, but I won’t forget that moment of courage. And it’s kind of motivated me to step in that direction.

(Here’s where I’ll include the disclaimer about this post being nothing to do with film/photography)

I spent some time reflecting on how much I like getting random compliments. They brighten my day so much. So why is it that when I encounter someone and something compliment-worthy strikes me, I don’t speak up? I say it to myself in my head, but I never speak it out loud. I am going to try and change that. Baby steps: I am going to compliment one person a day. I love making people smile, but I tend to stay in my own realm. I’m going to try and go beyond my own realm and see what happens. What can go wrong?

“No, my shirt doesn’t look good today.”
“Are you dumb? No I don’t smell good!”
“Clearly you are blind because I did not do my hair this morning.”

Challenge accepted.

Also enjoy this picture of my view of a Burlington sunset ft. Paxton.
Taken on an iPhone 5s, unedited.



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