Canons and Cardio


As I woke up after an hour of lost sleep it finally hit me; it’s spring break! Of course, I’m waking up in my childhood room to over a foot of snow right out my window but hey, it’s still spring break.

I’m sitting on a new comfy queen bed (which makes for a pleasant break from a Twin XL), hot green tea in my lap, and a completely open day ahead of me. Well besides the gym, which has got me thinking…

I’m continuously running head first into a brick wall when it comes to blog posts. I have a vague theme I stick to which is film and photography… but I don’t have my camera glued to my side. I actually, in the haste of packing procrastination, left my camera at school for the break. So I’ve been trying to think of what more I could possibly post about and it hit me: fitness! I became a bit of a fitness nut over the summer, letting the culture of it rule my life in a sense. Since I’ve returned to school it hasn’t been nearly as prominent. But I’m back at home which means back at my gym to kickstart that push back into the fitness lifestyle. I don’t know what exactly I will post about yet but I have a week of open days to figure it out so here we go!


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