Sunshine and Virality

Today is a good day.

Yesterday was not a good day.

Yesterday was a rough day but today is a complete 180 from yesterday.

I woke up and my room was bright, my cat was kneading the covers next to me, and I had zero notifications on my phone. One of my classes was cancelled (prearranged cancelation), and I knew what to expect from my only other class. And I was right.

My class is centered around the concept of virality, and what defines it. We spent nearly the entire class discussing, you guessed it, The Dress. I capitalize it because it’s clearly more important than any other issue in the nation today. When I woke up I saw that not only had a majority of my friends hopped on the opinion train, but so had Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres, Kimye, and too, too many others. I went to breakfast and Mike and Kelly were talking about it on the TV next to my table. So when I walked into class to catch “…the cones in your eyes catch different colors based on gender.” I knew exactly what was coming. But I knew what was coming once The Dress hit virality last night.

The strangest things go viral sometimes.

The Dress distracted from probably what’s going to be known as my favorite viral news video from here on out, Llama Drama! Also capitalizing because of its relevance today. Two llamas escaped and ran all over, being recorded on a live television news broadcast, and causing havoc in the streets. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in class in a very long time. And a good laugh was exactly what I needed.

I left class to run back to my dorm before lunch and the weather, for the first time in forever (had to), was absolutely beautiful. The sun’s out, it’s mildly warm, and I swear I actually heard birds chirping. Spring is coming and the anticipation is killing me. The weather is actually supposed to stay warm, too. Leaving the topic a buzz all throughout campus. Speaking of virality, screenshots of the predicted forecast for the next week has been all over social media by fellow classmates and peers. The positive attitudes are starting to show with the hope of sunshine, and I’m just in a real good mood today. Stay golden you lovely people.


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