Humans are Weird

Wow, hi WordPress, how’ve you been?

It’s been a little while since my last post which is problematic. Mainly because I’m supposed to be blogging more often for a class I’m currently taking! How cool is that, though? Blogging for a class about any topic… it’s pretty cool.

As midterms are drawing near I’m starting to feel this anxious panic in my gut about all the obligations that are starting to creep up behind me (and everyone else at this school, or any school I’m sure.) Last night marks the end of my RA interview process, my study abroad summer program application is in it’s final stages of review, and I’m hearing back in regards to my PA interview next week. Then add on midterm tests, presentations, a feisty kitten, and a friend from home visiting… it’s getting hectic. But here I am to blog about it!

So in regards to classes, creativity, and especially Creative Cloud, I wanted to talk about a semester-long project I’m doing for my web design class. Initially I did not want to take this class because I’m interested in film making and acting, not graphic design of any sorts. But it’s a major requirement. So our project is, you guessed it, to make a website. We had to create a business of any sort and -in an online sense- bring it to life. So far we’ve created logos, started learning the basics of code, and have explored basic set ups for web pages. I’m actually finding it to be interesting, but I still want no part of it in the future. I’ve decided to create a gym with the French name “L’horizon” or, “The Horizon.” And I’ve been working in Illustrator and Dreamweaver so far. We’re going to be getting into InDesign too eventually. I’ve always been a fan of Illustrator, it’s fun, easy to use, and you can do some really cool things on it. I’m still trying to figure out Dreamweaver. It seems pretty simple but again, I’m the furthest from a coding wiz.

In regards to the music video it’s kind of at a stand-still. The guy I’m working with and I have been crazy with work and life but we’re planning on meeting again before break to set a schedule for the rest of the semester.

Another crazy thing in life happened, I got roses for valentines day. They came with a sweet little note and they were left outside my door for my finding the next morning. The gesture was from a good friend – I found out a few days later – and it really brightened my whole day. Never before have I gotten something on valentine’s day that wasn’t from my parents. It was awesome. But then again… humans are weird.


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