In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Power of Touch.”

Double post but hey, it’s a Friday so I’m sure you’ll all forgive me. The daily prompt I’m posting about is the power of touch. I find this super ironic for a simple reason: Creative Writing class.

I’m taking a basic intro to creative writing course this semester and, actually, I have the class in an hour. Our homework assignment that was due today was to write a poem. This poem could be about anything and in any form our heart’s desired. I panicked. Tell me to write a script or a monologue and I’m all for it, I’d be excited to write it! But poetry? I default to rhyming and it’s so out of my realm… I wasn’t thrilled. We’ve written to poems in the class already, the first one being another very general assignment and the second being a Tanka. I enjoyed the Tanka because I wrote about Netflix being better than love. Because let’s be honest… it kind of is. But I sat staring at my blank Word doc for quite some time before an idea finally hit me for this poem. I wrote about hands. Check it out.

You can tell a lot about a person
Just by looking at their hands.
The way that they tremble out of nervousness,
Or how they clench out of anger.
Do the fingertips dance along the tabletops,
Or sit embracing the one another?
Are they soft as the blanket from your childhood,
Or rough as the ground beneath your bare feet?
Are they warm on the small of your back,
Or are they cool to the skin on your face?
Do they reach out to the sky when you’re happy,
Or embrace you when you’re sad?
Are they comforting against the skin of your palm
Helping you up when you’re low?
Can you still feel them around you
Long after they go?

I’ve said it above and I’ll repeat, poetry is not my thing. But I had a friend of mine who’s very into poetry look over it and make a few edits. I just found it super ironic that the prompt was about touch when I just wrote about touch. Then below the prompt was prompts for poetry and clearly the stars aligned and I was meant to share this poem with more than just my creative writing class. Let me know what you think!


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