Making Lemonade

Instead of attacking my ever growing pile of homework for the weekend, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Thinking about life, about friendships -or the lack thereof-, the future, and the now. Life has been throwing me some really interesting twists. These twists include coconuts, pomegranates, and even popcorn balls, then life says “make lemonade.”

With all these assignments looming over my shoulder like the rain cloud that won’t go away I haven’t had much time to devote to my side projects. Thankfully I’m not in this music video project alone, my help has been brainstorming and recruiting as well as checking in, which has made life a whole lot less stressful. He also wants to get a jump on it instead of waiting, which compared to various other projects is a pleasant relief. We only need one more volunteer, assuming I’m acting in it again, and we’ll have the full cast. And hopefully I can get myself back into a choreographing mindset.

After bringing up some demons from the past in one of my discussion classes I’ve decided I want to write a film screenplay. I’m talking the whole works, a full length film. I was reminded of a situation that you only hear about in the news or in movies that hit close to home and happened to a good friend of mine. When I say you only hear about this in movies, I’m being completely serious. This insane encounter lasted for over a year and was so elaborate and vindictive that it would be a wasted story if it wasn’t brought back out and into the limelight. This isn’t to say the script will be outlined tomorrow, but instead drawn out over my remaining two years at this school. And then maybe one day it’ll be on the big screen… #dreambig

I’ve also been thinking a lot about relationships in my life lately. I’m not talking mushy-gushy because that’s a whole novel in itself. I’m talking friendships, acquaintances, colleagues, family. After some strange turn of events in my friendship life I’ve been really cherishing and evaluating the friendships I have. You know what they say, it’s not those who are there at your best but those who stick by at your worst that truly count. The clouds have parted and colors have shown where those relationships lie and I’m truly blessed to have who I have in my life. But, it also got me thinking…
First impressions are everything, and you never know what place someone can hold in your life at any given time. Working with someone on something you dislike could hold greatly an impact when that same person is in charge of the next thing you want to work on. Attitude is everything and most people won’t forget that initial impression. This is something I never really put together too much but now am realizing how crucial this is to be aware of.

I could go on but there’s a busy day ahead so alas, I’m off. Stay golden!


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