Who said I was overwhelmed?

I remember when I was home on break I was asking if it was acceptable to blog more than once a day.

Now I’m wishing I could post once a day.

I’ll be honest with you all right now, I’m actually at work right now. I’m blogging at work. I’m justifying this with the fact that we just finished three ops projects, there are no tours, and we’re taking a brain break from idea creating. -Some context for those who don’t know, I’m a tour guide for my school and work in the admissions office.-

Things are picking up lately, and fast. I’ve forgotten what it means to have nothing looming over my shoulder, clearly I was taking advantage when I was on break. This isn’t to say I hate it now, constantly having something to do and things to get done is liberating and keeps things interesting. But boy can it get you in a funk. But usually it doesn’t hit till mid semester…

Applications on applications, interviews on interviews, assignments on assignments; I’m not overwhelmed who said I was overwhelmed? I’m a firm believer in the fact that if I post about something big (like, oh hey I’m applying for this job!) I won’t get it. Or if I post I’m going somewhere, something will happen that causes a plan change. So, I’ll elaborate on said apps and interviews when/if things happen.

What I will update on, though, is my music video! I’m pretty pumped about it. I met with the guy who is going to be my main help for the video to talk story and locations. With his help (you wouldn’t believe how my mental wheels got turning once a conversation outside of my head started!) I was able to write the entire story beginning to end, create the conflict, establish characters, and finally, finally start the storyboard process. Now my to-do list has changed:

-complete the storyboard
-complete the choreography
-cast the remaining two characters
-book locations
-props and costume

We’ve determined our ideals for locations, props, and “costumes” but nothing is written in stone just yet. Costumes are going to be very basic, very simplistic. Props are also not going to super extensive, just enough to help tell the story without taking away. Choreography… well that’s still in the works. I actually really need to get on top of that. Moving that to the top of my to-do list.

Anyways I should get off my laptop, I still have an hour and 45 left to my shift. I’ll be posting the weekly photo challenge within the next day or two and maybe another prompt before the week ends if homework allows. Stay golden you beautiful people.


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