Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

First and foremost I have to tell you what happened yesterday afternoon. (Hi, by the way)

So Mondays are my busiest day of the school week this semester. I wake up bright and early for a web design studio, grab some lunch with mes amis, walk on over to my French class, which is immediately followed by my last class of the day, PR. But it’s not over just yet! Then I trot on over to the admissions building for a meeting, then reconvene with mes amis for dinner! Welcome to my Mondays.

So before I went to my meeting I decided to stop at the mailroom to pick up a package. It was cold but the sun was out and the wind wasn’t blowing so I was feeling decently confident so I decided to take the shortcut to the street. Now this “shortcut” doesn’t really make life easier, it’s just walking on the grass vs. the long way around on the pavement. Of course this patch of grass was actually ice and the patch is also slightly downhill. I’ve been at this school for a year and a half and I had my first fall on ice yesterday. I laughed about it the entire rest of the day, I was pretty proud I kept the streak going for so long! It wasn’t until I tried to lie down and go to bed last night when I realized how bad the fall actually was.

No breaks, no cuts, no sprains; nothing crazy! But my entire lower back and left pelvis is pretty banged up. Yep, I fell right on my butt. Now I’m sporting a massive bruise and a very sore sitting/laying situation. Still laughing about it though!

So this week’s (or should I say last week’s…) photo challenge is titled express yourself and it’s pretty broad. Express yourself can be taken in so many different directions; I can either be directly expressing myself with a quick selfie, or using something else to express myself. Or something along those lines.

I’ve been thinking about what I’d post for this, and by thinking I mean genuinely wracking my brain and looking through my photos. I’m finding this to be harder than I thought, but to be fair I am a serious over analyzer. Even if this wasn’t the original intention of the post I’m taking it by literal terms of facial expression.

The shots below are shots I took during the nights of the performances of the show I was in a few weekends ago. This show was… interesting, to say the least, and we were all pretty frazzled and ready to be done. Most of these shots are us goofing around but at the same time, or maybe it’s just because I lived through it, but you can see it in our eyes that we are acting near half-crazed. We were nearing our wits end by the time of the show, which makes me just genuinely appreciated the expressions on their faces. Okay, I’ll quit rambling. Enjoy the shots!

These photos were taken on a Canon Rebel T5i and were not edited.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Express Yourself.”


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