Who likes spoilers anyways?

My goodness.

I’ve been here about two weeks now and it feels like it’s been over a month. Assignments are flying at me from all directions and obligations are hovering over my shoulder – but at least I have Pax as the sassy therapy cat.

So I had this idea over break. Last semester I made Split, my video resume music video. Even though it was literally only my friend and I working on it, I had such an awesome time with it. I had such an awesome time that I decided I wanted to do it again. This semester is the first that I don’t have a production class and all the projects that go with it looming over my schedule, so I figured I’d pull together a crew and make another music video!

So far I’ve got the basics compiled:
-a song
-a concept
-most of the story
-the crew

Now I just need to get the actors, complete the story, start the screenplay, pull together a shot list with the crew, determine locations, and shoot! That’s not too much, right?

I would post all the ideas I have but then that would give it away before it’s even set and who likes spoilers anyways?

This post is brief but there’s homework that must be done and food that must be eaten, so away I must go. I intend on posting Friday’s weekly challenge picture(s) within the next day or two, so that will be coming! But on that note, Au revoir!


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