Brain break

Now that I have a solid moment to breathe, I shall blog a bit. Might as well give you all a brief update about this past week.

So I moved back to school last Sunday with my kitten in tow. He actually handled the car ride incredibly well. Better than I did actually – I never get car sickness but for some reason that car ride had my stomach twisting. We arrived in Burlington at around 2 and I was able to be all unpacked and moved in at around 4. Moving in all my cat’s things was what took so long, I may add.

So I’m a part of a pantomime put on by my school’s theatre program. It’s titled Time Flies and is a take on the Cinderella fairy tale (the gruesome one, not the movie one.) It has been the most stressful, unorganized, chaotic show I’ve ever worked on. As a cast we nearly turned on the crew and tried to get the show cancelled the night before opening night, if that’s any context of uncertainty. But alas, we held our breaths and went out opening night as scheduled and….. it wasn’t bad. Actually, it was pretty good. We didn’t have a large audience, and I can admit I messed up and entire two scenes, but we gave it all we had and it pulled together well. Last night was our second show, which in my opinion was better than the first, and we have our final show tonight. I’ve come to call these strangers my friends and it’s going to be strange once the show ends. But I’ve never been so ready for something to be over than I am right now.

Not to mention all the homework that’s been piling on in my classes this semester. And the lack of time I’ve had to get any of it done!

I’m pretty enthusiastic, though, because the director never got anyone to come in and take show pictures so I brought in my canon and took it upon myself! So now I have pictures to play with in Photoshop and I’ve been playing around with my camera, so I’m pretty happy about that!

Today is a homework day, the first free day I’ve had all week. So I’m counting this blog as a “brain-break” right now – as I like to call it. A little distraction from responsibilities – a “brain break!”

I also wanted to do the Daily Post’s prompt of the day – post found here. Today’s post asks when the last time I wrote something substantive by hand and if I could imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era.

The last time I wrote something substantive by hand… wow. I don’t even know if I can recall. I’ve written notes for classes and choreography for dances, as well as little sticky notes filled with quotes and assignments and little “you can do it!”s. But something substantive? It’s been quite some time. Which is kind of sad, really. I have been thinking about getting a journal and writing as close to daily as I can, but something has been holding me back. Probably the fact that I can easily blog or buy an app for that. I don’t know. I enjoy writing, but I enjoy typing more. It’s a constant battle. But at the same time I could imagine going back to the pen and paper. Maybe someday I’ll do a challenge: See if I can go so many days/weeks without using a keyboard to log things. Or maybe just not to record things. Hm. This is why I won’t do it now.. I have to make that challenge concrete.

Okay, I should probably get back to doing homework so it’s all done before the show tonight. Below are just a few pictures I’ve taken on my T5i since I’ve been at school. Have a lovely day!


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