Weekly photo challenge: serenity

Hi! Quick note: this week has been absolutely insane so I haven’t had any free time to blog. I’m hoping either later today or tomorrow to get another post up about all that’s been going on. Sorry I’ve been m.i.a!

This Friday’s theme is serenity. I was stumped with this one at first. Serenity is such an interesting term because from what I interpret, it can mean different things for everyone. A picture I think is serene may not be to the next person. So choosing a picture for this week was a bit difficult. I suppose this is why it’s called a challenge?

I was torn between two photos that really stuck out as “serene” to me. It’s funny because both of these photos were taken at the places I live during different parts of the year.

I’ll explain. The first photo was taken in the heart of my childhood home. Fire roaring, the picture looks warm and because I can easily place myself in the picture, it brings about a very serene feeling to me. The second photo is the view of Lake Champlain from my third floor dorm room window. I’ve really come to call that room, dorm, school ‘home’ over the past semester. Both bring about similar yet different feelings of serenity to me.

Both photos were taken on my Canon Rebel T5i and neither have been edited.

The original post from The Daily Post can be found here

Feel free to let me know what you think!

IMG_0097 IMG_0140


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