Expensive toys

Am I allowed to blog more than once a day? Is it socially frowned upon?

Oh well, I have things to say and I feel this is the best way to do so.

So today I made a very large investment and bought a Canon Rebel T5i. I couldn’t possibly be any happier with this decision. I fell in love with it the moment I picked it up and I’ve only put it down for dinner. Few things come between me and food.

I have a Canon Vixia HV40, but because that records to tape I encountered some problems (problems including cords I had never heard of – it was a mess.) So while I wait to determine what I’m going to do, I have a new toy to play with. And I’m having such a blast. My pets are wonderful subjects.

I’m eager to return to school – I’m going to be starting to shoot a music video. Nothing for a class or anything, just something to do on my own time, and I’m ecstatic. I’ve already got a crew coming together as well as equipment. There’s still quite a bit that has to come together even before the first shoot day, but it’s come from just a thought to an actual work in progress and I’m pumped.

Now to choreograph the dance, recruit the dancers, start/finish the script with the others involved, determine the sets and make sure they’re usable, and go!

That reminds me – I’m also in a show next weekend. I want to say a musical, but technically it’s a “British pantomime.” The show itself isn’t too shabby, but the rehearsals and the process thus far has probably been one of the biggest pains in the ass I’ve ever dealt with.

But that’s for another post.


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