Statistics are overrated

I suppose before I get too invested in this blog/website/time-consumer I should introduce myself.

My name is Rhea and I’m addicted to social media.

But that’s irrelevant at the moment. I just don’t want to make a cliche “about me” blog post because times are changing. We don’t want statistics, we want facts. Fun facts, interesting facts, gross facts, scary facts – and we want them now. At our fingertips, on a screen, at any given time we want. Statistics are overrated for bios, but perfect for resumes. This is a blog, so why bother giving you the details I put in a resume?

I go to school in Vermont, which is funny because I don’t appreciate the snow like your average New Englander. I appreciate seasons – the changing of the atmosphere each season brings. But as soon as the blue skies turn that grey/white and the temperatures drop to that “wet-hair-turned-ice” cold, I’m out. And by out I mean in – I wish humans could hibernate. Fact: In my room I have a light that emulates the summer’s natural light, I turn it on throughout the grey winter days.

A term I’ve been hearing a lot: “I’ve been bitten by the travel bug.”

This phrase (or what is it?) is one that’s got me thinking quite a bit. Mainly because I don’t think I’ve been bitten. Is everyone supposed to be bitten by said bug while in college? Friends of mine are leaving this semester to travel abroad in places like Dublin, London, France, New Zealand, etc. Everyday faces gone for an entire semester. But they’re all excited, and I’m excited for them! But I don’t have that urge to follow their footsteps when my junior year first/second semesters roll around. At least maybe not traveling across seas. I could see myself studying abroad in Canada. I’m pretty obsessed with Canada.

There’s another fact you probably wouldn’t see on my resume: I really like Canada. Fact: I’ve gone at least once a year to either Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Kingston, Toronto, or Niagara Falls since I was a tater tot. I’m not quite sure what it is about these places, but I just genuinely enjoy spending time there. Maybe it’s the culture, maybe it’s the atmosphere, maybe I’m just a die hard tourist and everything would change if I lived there. Who knows.

Since we’re talking about obsessions – well, I’m talking about obsessions to a current audience of none – I might as well thrown in the reason I created a website in the first place. I’m obsessed with video-making. Every part of it: scripting, shooting, acting, editing, producing. I want to act on television, that’s what I tell everyone who’s been asking that loaded question: “What do you want to do with your life?” But really, if I could make a career out of making a short film/music video/advertisement every other week, I’d probably be the happiest human. Fact: I’ve been making YouTube videos with my friend since freshman year of high school. It’s gotten us on the front page of our regional newspaper twice. It’s the process that holds my passion, I just enjoy every part of it. It’s my adrenaline rush. Now if only I felt that way about running…

Stayed tuned to my blog/website for updates on my adventures throughout college – discovering who I am and what on earth I want to do with my life. Oh and facts, lots and lots of facts.


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