Rhea J. Hayes

Aspiring Television Director

Do you know that viral YouTube video of the little girl wearing a princess dress, crunching on cereal, saying, “Hey. I want to be famous”? Well, that was me.

Well, not actually me – but my parents swear it could have been. When I was younger I was making people laugh before I knew the word ‘funny,’ I was dancing before I could walk, and I was on the stage more than the sidewalk. Theatre has been in my bones for years, and I knew from the start – the first show, the first recital, the first bouquet – that was where my heart would always be.

Little did I know then that your heart could be in two consecutive places at once. My junior year of high school I started experimenting with cheap cameras and good old Windows Movie Maker. Cheap cameras turned into higher quality cameras and WMM turned into Adobe Premiere; my passion for film and television grew with my shoe size. Now I face the difficult question-

On screen or behind it?

Click on the boxes above to check out my Digital Portfolio and my Blog

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My resume is available upon request.

Find me on LinkedIn: Rhea Hayes

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